The Review of Writing Services

To be completely honest, I was never a diligent student and homework was always a torture for me. This didn’t change when I entered college; the only difference was that my homework got a lot harder and bigger in quantities. So the only option for me to graduate from college and be able to show my prospective employer good results was to find people who would ensure my written assignments were awesome.

The Review of Writing Services

All the academic roads lead to EduBirdie

I never settle for one option, so over the years I’ve tried numerous essay writing services and now know what to expect from a good service with good reviews. Believe me when I say that is one of the most reliable ones. At first you might suspect EduBirdie scam because they invest quite a bit in advertising and promotions, but it’s actually a good thing: they value their reputation and treat every client like their “secret customer”. offers a lot of perks on their website.

Here is what they promise to deliver to its customers:

Review of Services

Let’s take a closer look at each of this features:

  1. Price of 7.5 per page. This is mostly true. I ordered essays at with Edu Birdie and all of them are not more than 20% over this price. The shorter essays (around 3 pages) tend to be more expensive, while longer ones (course works) are almost as much as 7.5. This is the quote for my last paper on “The effects of Organ Donation in Minority Communities” that was 4 pages with 5 cited of
  2. Quality of Papers. That is always true. I never got less than a B on my Edu Birdie essay; while my recent order scored A – and I didn’t even finish reading it till the end before sending it in! And the reviews from the people I know are generally positive. No need to say with EduBirdie plagiarism was never a problem.
  3. Guaranteed Deadlines. In my experience the writing is always delivered before the deadline. Once I had to ask to reformat the paper, but I already closed the order so my writer was busy with another task. The customer support found another writer available and finished it for free during the same day. This is what made me take time to leave this review of EduBirdie.
  4. Omnipotent Customer Support. True! The support representatives are great! At least one of them is always available to talk to you and in case of some misunderstanding or dispute they are always on your side, which is great!

EduBirdie review can’t be complete without tribute to its writers

I don’t know what it is EduBirdie offers to their writers, but they have the best team going on. I once had my case study edited by an MBA student who was looking for additional inspiration on his project. And all the papers did very well in the eyes of my teachers.

Review of Writing Services

So is legit? Yes, it is, you just have to take time finding that writer that you can rely on.

Review of

How would you leave a review on EduBirdie in three words? – Came, Ordered, Satisfied.

I can’t wait for a new written assignment! Because it’s another chance for me to add a good grade to my final score. If you are still in doubts, try it out also – you won’t regret it!