Review of StudyMoose Writing Services

StudyMoose is a U.S.-based online essay writing company. The company mainly runs a website that offers both free and paid services to users. Their website has an impressive collection of essays, reviews, research and term papers on a variety of topics. Users can freely browse these examples for ideas and inspiration.
But what Study Moose gets attention for is its paid service. The service offers an assignment writing, editing, and assessment service. You can hire writers to finish a paper, but the company internally connects your order with an editor and a proofreader.
Is this company worth your time? Read ahead to find out.

Services Offered

StudyMoose offers a number of writing-related services. Users can freely browse samples without charges right on the website. Registered users can place orders to have essays, term papers, dissertations, book reports, reviews, or any similar type of work written from scratch.
Unlike most online custom writing services, this one offers the complete package of getting an assignment done. After the writing is finished, the company delivers the order only after editing the content and proofreading it. The website has a free plagiarism checker anyone registered can use. This is a rare feature to offer.

Quality of Writing

The quality of writing offered can vary. This Study Moose review commissioned several samples for evaluation purposes. Each paper was done by a different writer. And the substance and structure depended on who wrote the paper.
Overall, the essays received followed instructions very well. The papers were structured as proper academic papers suited for college. The writers included citations in the proper style as specified. More importantly, all content in the samples were original.
There were no typos or errors in the papers, as an editor always goes through them before the assignments are delivered to the buyer. It’s obvious that the plagiarism checker offered by the service comes in handy. The papers were all free of copy-paste and got high uniqueness ratings on independent plagiarism checkers.

StudyMoose Prices and Discounts

Good essay samples didn’t come for free. The company has its own pricing process. All papers cost 13.90 USD per page. However, the final price isn’t necessarily based on this. Costs can run up high based on the writer.
The essay service allows writers to bid on projects. So if you want to hire a good writer with high ratings from users, you will have to pay more. All prices are negotiable with the writer you want to work with. However, the buyer only sees the final price once an order is placed.

Ordering Process

Placing an order at to review our essay sample was a relatively simple and straightforward process. First, the buyer has to register with the website. Free users can only read the samples and perhaps use the plagiarism checker. Only registered users have access to the choosing the writer.
There’s a function on the homepage for registered users to place orders. Alternatively, you can send an email to the company with details. When ordering, you should make certain details available for the writer, such as the type of paper (college essay, dissertation, etc.), topic, number of words or pages, and the deadline. You can add other details as necessary.
Once you confirm the order, the writers start bidding on the project. You can select a writer this way. Discuss the final payment, and the order would be complete.

Customer Support

This company is a highly customer-friendly website that offers a number of different ways to contact the company. There’s a StudyMoose contact telephone number, an email address, a real address, social media customer service, and live chat on the website.
All customer support channels are highly responsive. Calling and live chat gets a response right away. You can get an email reply within several business hours. All in all, customer support is quick and very helpful.

Website Usability

The company has a user-friendly website. However, the homepage only states that the website is a “free essay database.” You won’t notice the paid writing options if you don’t look hard enough.
Most of the website is taken up by links to free samples. You will need to scroll down to the very bottom to see the button for hiring the writer. The top bar, though, gives easy access to the plagiarism checker, the company blog, and the “hire a writer” service.
There are three places on the homepage to place an order. It takes you directly to the order page and the StudyMoose sign up page.
The service’s website is neatly designed. It can seem misleading at first glance, but the design ethic avoids a pro-business stance. There are no annoying popups demanding that you sign up for anything. The layout is neat, and the usability is high.

So Is StudyMoose Legit and Reliable?

Most academic writing services don’t offer the type of quality students seek. But this service is notably different. That’s mainly because this service combines writing with and editing and proofreading function.
On the writing front, the site is highly reliable. The writers who work with users do not miss deadlines. In some cases, the writers have even submitted work a day or two in advance. In general, you can expect a reasonable quality to work. It’s not impossible to land a good writer to get a top-notch paper written.
The free plagiarism checker is truly useful. If you are writing on your own, the flashcards and free essays offered by the site can genuinely help.
There are only a few downsides to this service. The site could offer a more fixed price structure. With the current method, buyers have to negotiate the final price with the writer. And it’s not made available until after an order is placed.
But overall, this brand is one of the more reliable and quality-assured essay writing services out there. The site guarantees originality, which is something almost no other academic writing company offers.