The Review of Writing Services

For those of you who never went to a nursing school, it will be hard to define if being assigned an essay on “Aplastic anemia nursing care” 3 days before the deadline is enough time or not. No, it’s absolutely not! But this seems like a normal practice on my faculty, so no wonder I befriended writing service as my best friend since my first year.


“Ode of Joy” for Essay

Many of you will say “Aren’t nurses supposed to trust only reliable and serious sources with positive reviews (testimonials)? This definitely looks like a scam”. But that’s not true!

The Review of Writing Service

Their cartoonish colorful website creates an impression of a kindergarten, not a place where people with university degrees conduct some serious essay writing. But this little Viking once saved my life and that’s why I tend to trust them over and over again.

Let’s Check EssayVikings for Toughness

I don’t want you to treat this review of EssayVikings as a guarantee that from now on your life will become painless. Or even worse, like a paid advertising.

The Review of EssayVikings Writing Services

You have to understand that there are three main components to ordering a good essay with anyone:

  1. Supply as much details as possible.
  2. Order in advance.
  3. Add a little of “yourself” to the paper.

My Personal Experience

Free outline: When I ordered my first essay with, and all the following essays, I spent a good deal of time talking to the writers about WHAT exactly I and my teacher expected to see there. EssayVikings offer a free paper outline, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of that.

Plagiarism: If you are looking through this review on to simply make sure there was no plagiarism or mistakes in my paper, then no, there weren’t any. But I took my time to run the check myself – better safe than sorry, right?

The Reviews of Writing Services

Deadlines: My essay arrived one day before the deadline. But I still suggest you set the deadline at least a couple of days before the submission date, just in case.

And a hint: If there’s one rule you can’t go wrong with, it’s this one: order a paper as soon as you received the assignment. Don’t rely on you maybe finding time and inspiration, then forgetting about it, screwing up and etc.

The Review of EssayVikings Writing Service

If you order a paper in advance, you still have a lot of time to have the writer change something, to change something yourself or even to change the writer (I read EssayVikings reviews where they allowed such cases).

Essay Suffering is in the Past, it’s Smart Ordering Time

To stay objective, I suggest you try keeping in mind all the things I taught you above.